The first contribution of the Klanghaus Untergreith to “Echoes from invisible Landscapes” is the project “The Sound of Europe”. The multilayered European landscape of experimental art is made visible here. On several journeys across Europe, sounds were collected and assembled into a “sound map” of Europe. These recordings taken in various cities, such as London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, Bucharest, Warsaw, St. Petersburg, Lisbon, Brussels, reflect the cultural and social diversity of Europe. “The Sound of Europe” is a sound installation presented in the Klanggalerie of Klanghaus Untergreith. Artists and cultural workers, who have met on these journeys, present their works. Current, artistic and cultural creation is presented that is largely undiscovered by the general public and therefore “invisible”. The Klanghaus itself acts as a resonator, amplifying the echoes generated by the “agents of cultural reflection”.

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