Slow Light


(S)low Light – Seeking Darkness is one of four projects selected for co-funding by the Carinthian Cultural Foundation as part of the first Austria-wide call under the motto “Umbrüche” (“Upheavals”).

The project was conceived as an artistic, cultural and transdisciplinary exploration of the lack of darkness in urban and rural areas. This raises multiple questions, from ecological aspects and the effects of growing light pollution to art-historical approaches towards darkness as a fascination, inspiration and as an ambience that encourages profounder human perception.

In our over-lit times, it is becoming increasingly difficult to experience true darkness. This goes hand-in-hand with a great deal of loss, from the disorientation of birds and insects and associated changes in their breeding behaviour and mating patterns to psychological and physiological factors such as physical and mental stress from the ubiquitous glow of street lamps and smartphones. We find it harder and harder to experience real respite – and lose our sight of the night sky.

Slow Light – Seeking Darkness is artistic and cultural, interdisciplinary and educational. Exploring the need for darkness together with young people, Slow Light works towards sustainable futures for art, culture, environmental awareness and civic participation.

Slow Light is a collaboration between Klanghaus Untegreith, Stazione di Topolò, Sajeta Festival Tolmin, Mani d.o.o. Hrelji 45 together with Radio Agora and Verein Innenhofkultur.

Slow Light podcasts and radio broadcasts are available at Radio Agora.

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