The Klanggalerie is on the first floor of the Klanghaus and is an acoustic gallery with the comfortable atmosphere of a living room. The gallery presents interdisciplinary works of experimental music, sound art and sound installations.

The Klanggalerie is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 15:00 – 18:00 and shows works by Austrian and international artists, promoting the diversity to be found within electro-acoustic and experimental sound art. The pieces are played on a loop through a specially designed quadrophonic speaker installation. The Klanggalerie also presents exhibitions of: notes, diagrammes, objects, photos, videos and scores. The Klanggalerie provides a platform for presentations resulting from the Global Kids programme and for performances, multimedia installations, readings and lectures. It is also a space for spontaneous and one-off events. The Klanggalerie is open for selective cooperations with other organisations dedicated to contemporary art, in order to conceive and curate unusual projects together. The Klanggalerie has installed a media-based sound archive that is constantly being expanded and edited.

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