Klangzeit Winter
8th – 9th March 2019, motto “Global Brass”

Klangzeit Spring
18th – 19th May 2019, motto “Es treibt Blüten”

Klangzeit Summer
26. – 27. July 2019, motto “Greither Kantate”

Klangzeit Autumn
12th – 13th October 2019, motto “Invisible Landscapes of the Alps-Adriatic Region”

March 9, 2019, 7pm
Musikheim St. Johann im Saggautal, A- 8453 St. Johann im Saggautal

Motto “Global Brass”

“Working together with the Klanghaus Untergreith is very valuable for the village of Sankt Johann in the Saggautal. Our inhabitants, pupils and participants of the brass band are getting new, exciting artistic perspectives. ”
Johann Schmid, Mayor Sankt Johann im Saggautal

The workshop program of the Klanghaus Untergreith has already been established over several years. In 2019, it will also be supported by the village of Sankt Johann i.S. the first time. Young people from the region, music students and members of the brass band St. Johann i.S. will be involved in the line up of Klangfest Winter 2019. From highly qualified artistic workshop leaders they experience completely new artistic approaches, contents and perspectives. Following the workshop on March 8, 2019, the public presentation will take place on March 9, 2019, at 7pm, at the Musikheim Sankt Johann im Saggautal.

The following workshop programs will take place:

1 New brass music Interpretation: Siegmund Andraschek (AT), Franz Koinegg (AT)

2 Jazz Interpretation and Improvisation: Annette Giesriegl (AT)

3 Sound Art & Trans Art: Mia Zabelka (AT), Astrid Rieder (AT)

In cooperation with the village of Sankt Johann in the Saggautal and the Landesjugendreferat Steiermark

Annette Giesriegl

Astrid Rieder

Musikkappelle St. Johann im Saggautal

Franz Koinegg

Siegmund Andraschek

Mia Zabelka

18. – 19. Mai 2019, Motto „Es treibt Blüten“

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