Klangfest Sommer

Shadow of Green

6th August 2016

Circumspection, everywhere green in all imaginable nuances
the fields alone, so many tones, the green colours of those who have survived over a century, changing with the daylight, with a mood, each of their sort
Differently, the young shoots and twigs are juicy and curious, the moss velvety, dark

The glaring bright leaves of the birches contrast with the deeper green beech, green-black conifers with glowing shoots suffuse the multifarious green

the view, looking into the greens of the indigenous vegetation surrounding the Klanghaus, is a score presented by nature, a collection of tones waiting to be played by the participating musicians.


Lissie Rettenwander (AT)- Zither, Voice, electronic devices; Markus Krispel (AT)- Saxophon; Carlos Zingaro (PT)- Violin; Jean-Marc Foussat (FR)- Synthesizer; Kai Niggemann (D)-Synthesizer; Mia Zabelka (AT)-Violin, Voice, electronic devices; Benjamin Skepper (AUS)-Violoncello, electronic devices, red shift orchestra (AT/D), One.Night.Band

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