1. Echoes from invisible Landscapes/ Happening 2,
18. – 20.5. 2018

2. Klangzeit Festival

Klangfest / Winter, Nordklanglicht, 3./4. 3. 2018

Klangfest / Frühling, Klanghaus goes South, 12./ 13. 5. 2018

Klangfest / Sommer, Klangkunst trifft Musik der Völker, 16./ 17. 7. 2018

Klangfest / Herbst, Klanghaus goes Istria, 13., 14. 10. 2018

3. Artist-in-Residence Programm
1.2. – 31.10.2018

4. Global Kids

20. – 27. 4., 7. – 14. 8., 15. – 23. 11.2018

5. Klanggalerie

from 1.1. until 31.12.2018, , from 2pm until 6pm, except Sunday and Monday


Klanghaus Untergreith contribution to ECHOES FROM INVISIBLE LANDSCAPES

Our interpretation of the invisible landscapes is the cultural heritage of the sounds of our region. We are collecting sounds which are hidden, endangered or very typical, specific items / signals of the area, for example the sounds of Klapotetze in South Styria.
The interactive sound map makes the sounds related to the locations, where we have found them, hearable.
Sound and performance artists are invited to participate in the project and present on the basis of these sounds sound performances, installations and intermedia projects. Thus, they create Echoes from the invisible sound landscapes, a new reflection or interpretation of the cultural heritage of the Alps-Adriatic region.


Klanghaus Untergreith’s contribution to „Echoes from invisible Landscapes“ is the project “The Sound of Europe”, which will take place as part of Happening 1 and Happening 2. The aim is to make the diverse and broad european landscape of the cutting-edge experimental arts visible. For this project sounds, tones and noise were collected on a trip across Europe and compiled to form a sound map of the continent. These recordings made in cities including, among others, London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, Bucharest, Warsaw, St. Petersburg, Lisbon and Brussels reflect the cultural and social diversity of Europe. One central aim of this collection of sounds was to locate artistic and cultural activities that are largely undiscovered and thus “invisible”. Artists and creatives who entered into resonance on these trips will present their work. The Klanghaus lends itself as the resonating body that amplifies the echoes generated by the agents of cultural reflection and making them heard across geographic regional borders.


“Echoes from invisible Landscapes“ is in the hands of the newly founded Echo Kollektiv Netzwerk (comprising Enterprise Z, Wieser Verlag publishers, the University of Klagenfurt, Zveza Mink Tolmin and Mani doo) with the support of the EACEA Creative Europe programme and covers the period from 2016 to 2018. The 2-year project challenges the local population and international artists as “agents of cultural reflection” to consider and rethink the status quo of social structures against the background of our relations to our environment in the Alpine Adriatic region between Austria, Slovenia and Croatia.
“Landscapes” stands for tangible and intangible heritage, for culture as the basis for individualism and group identity. “Echoes” emanate from individual and collective histories of people and their natural or designed surroundings. Artists and scientists are invited to listen to these echoes, to record and process them. They develop new projects that will then in turn become objects or ideas of resonance themselves and send out their own echoes to a wider audience across local and national borders. This means that the festival serves as a catalyst for further investigation of echoes. ECHOES is a practical and artistic approach to broadening the awareness of culture in society with a view to the Alpine Adriatic region and offering a network model that can be extended to other regions.

OUTSTANDING ARTIST AWARD 2017 for Co-director Zahra Mani
Co-director Zahra Mani has been awarded with a prize in the framework of the “outstanding artist award 2017” of the Federal Chancellery / Section Art and Culture in the category Music/ composition.
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